A New Discovery

After digging deeper into all the qualitative and quantitative research data, we had a new discovery that helped us to set a strategic direction and define a vision statement for this project.

What did we find?

1. that Users in the AWGs are resistant to change because — they are happy with their existing way
2. Any systems out there are complex and do not cater to the needs of the AWG’s users.
3. Most of the AWGs have mainly focused on getting donations and attracting volunteers and have not given a thought about succession planning for their organisation.

Setting a Vision

We set a strategic vision as we built this novel product in the market.

To enable all users in the ecosystem to scale, expand and educate for the long-term purpose of succession planning.

Feature Prioritization

After setting the vision for the product, we did a design studio ideation exercise to come up with the list of feature ideas that will be used in the software to help the AWGs. The features were then categorised based on level of priority — Must have, Should have, Can have and Won’t have. We went through 3 rounds of sprints to incorporate these features.

Feature Prioritization — Matrix

Site Map

We developed a site map before starting the wireframes. With the information from the MVPs and service blueprints, we drew the sitemap before we visualize what the screens and the defined features would look like.

IA of PetWidget Sytem Platform

Designing the Experience

This software was built with the focus on pet/ profiles and aimed at supporting the various user roles in and other stakeholders in managing their day-to-day operations and services.

Design Style Guide

Based on the brief, we were given fixed fonts and colours to work with. The style guide went through many iterations as we did a lot of testing of colour contrast and fonts (considering accessibility) and came up with a colour palette that seemed to work the best.

Style Guide — Colour Palette


After multiple rounds of sketching and low-fi prototype usability testing, We developed an interactive prototype in order to understand if the users would like or dislike certain aspects of the enterprise software. This enterprise platform that you see below is modular, scalable and flexible and it has been built from scratch. A one of a kind platform you have never seen in the market.

PetWidget enterprise software — dashboard home page
Dashboard — Login Module
Dashboard — Animal profile overview
Dasboard — Rescue service overview

Click here to view the hi-fi Axure prototype.

Usability Test & Findings

We conducted a usability testing of the software with 3 users from different AWGs by assigning them with specific tasks. Some of the key insights from the testing are shown below in the feedback capture grid.

Usability testing with owners of AWGs ( Look at my grumpy face — Patience is the key in UX process. what you achieve by practicing the process can be sometimes magical.)
Feedback from usability test

1. Likes — All three users like the feature of instantly being able to create a new animal profile as a way to document new cases. The also found the predictive search to be used to quickly search for animal profiles or employees. The most cherished feature was the activity history display on an animal profile.
Apart from these the tooltip featured was liked by users as it helped them to understand what to find inside each widget.

2. Questions — had some questions related to what does each access term means under partner type.

3. Criticism — Users also critiqued and gave us some suggestions to work on. Users wanted words below icons to understand what it means. 
They were confused with rescue and creating animal when there is a rescue , they don’t understand the “plus sign” and also felt that it was not prominent.

4. Ideas — Users also shared some ideas on the lines of a ledger with a notification live update sync of animals with assigned volunteers.

It put a smile on our face 🙂

“ This system is totally idiot proof and when are you getting this software live. Go on give me more tasks to do.”
– an animal shelter owner.

Moving Ahead

Capturing the joy on the users face when they use the system, definitely made it the most fulfilling project we worked on during our time in general assembly. Based on the feedback from the users, we would like to move ahead by doing more qualitative and quantitative research to improve and work on the features for the platform

1. Access level rights — We need to conduct more user interviews across AWGs to get a deeper insight on the user roles vs access rights.
2. Data Analytics and Visualisation — We could also get more insights on what key information could be highlighted on the dashboard. eg. Performace of the rescue department.
3. Notification System — Based on some feedback from the owners and volunteers, we would consider developing a notification system to send reminders/ notification on important information like — time to vaccinate, deworm the animals/pets.
4. TNRM Initiative — To better manage the stray dog population in Singapore, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) will be rolling out a five-year programme aimed at sterilising stray dogs here. For this they will be working with AWGs and vets in the new TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage programme), slated to start in the second half of 2018. We will be taking this into consideration to help them implement this initiative seamlessly into their day-to-day process.

Feedback from our client

Comments from the client on linkedin — www.linkedin.com/in/harini-venkatesh


We believe that with this design system incorporated in the product it will unify the ecosystem, break down walls of communication creating trust and accountability to ease the workflow so that AWGs can focus on doing what they love most — Caring for the welfare of the pets.

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