Australian Residents: Event takes place Thursday, 14 June 2018 at 9:30AM Sydney Time AEST

As a start-up, the key is to disrupt, differentiate & challenge; but even for well-established companies, the difference between surviving and thriving lies in how well a company can adapt and innovate. Effectively implementing a design-led involves constant re-prioritization, collaboration and articulation of a clear road map. Esse will discuss challenges around embedding a design thinking , rallying a team to focus on executing a usable design in a viable MVP, and building the skills & mindsets critical to adapting from corporate execution to the Agile development of a start-up.

Hear best practices and potential solutions for typical problems faced for UX teams working in Lean startups and in the financial sector. Get recommendations for building a strong team culture and maximizing outputs when time and money are short. And, gain some inspiration to transform your organization into an innovative and design-led business.

What You’ll Learn

  • What it means to fit UX in at a start-up environment
  • a design-led, collaborative culture and method of operation
  • Optimizing product development through customer insights
  • Creating customer empathy across your organization
  • Knowing your audience; testing early and regularly
  • Overcoming hurdles and barriers of doing UX in a lean start-up
  • Prioritizing, tracking and executing UX work according to a strategy
  • Building the right team
  • Creating a shared vision and continuous engagement
  • Making venture design work

Topics Covered

  • Uncovering problems in a traditional sector (e.g. the home lending market)
  • Startups & UX
  • Incorporating UX into daily rhythm
  • Defining target audiences
  • Establishing a research strategy
  • Maximizing research with limited budgets and time
  • Building empathy and customer focus
  • Prototyping to hypothesize or gain insights to actual customer pain points
  • Venture design vs. traditional user-centered design
  • Building a UX team on a budget
  • Prioritizing, tracking and executing UX activities
  • Lessons learned: what we wished we’d known a year ago

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
07:30 PM ET / 04:30 PM PT
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60 minute

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