The mad dash, the rush, the “final” push. Over few weeks before releasing 1.0.0 we had our heads down, crushing new bugs, tidying house, and bringing things up to an acceptable level of incomplete. Now, with our first full release open to the public, we’re very proud to let you know what went into after our 0.7.0 release.


Our designer, nicolas prieto, took us to town on getting the UI up to a passing grade. In doing so, we updated and improved a lot of subtle things.

Nudging with Arrow Keys

It’s now possible to nudge layers and values a point at a time with arrow keys. And, pressing shift will nudge by ten points.

Relative Mode

Any property with a number value can be changed across the entire timeline using Relative Mode. If you want to nudge an object a few pixels up or down, Flow will preserve your animations by adding the difference to all the keyvalues in the same property track for your layer throughout the timeline.

Touch Bar

We tightened up the touch bar to be more responsive. If your project is animating, it pauses when you start dragging on the touch bar.

Timeline Header

A few color, position, and typographic tweaks made the timeline header so much more lovely.

So Many UI

There’s still a lot for us to do on this front, but for 1.0.0 we tuned a lot of the interface elements from highlight colors and locations to new button graphics, and padding.

Before (left). After (right). How many differences can you spot?


A few of our lovely beta users brought to our attention some very critical performance issues. So, we crushed those.

Flow was beach balling after moving a lot of layers or keyvalues at the same time.

Media Export

We improved the quality of exporting movies, and added GIF (as well as single-frame PNG) to our list of export options.

Go make a bunch of stuff for Dribbble, plz.

Code Preview

We tightened up the code preview panel to show layer code on the left, and animation code on the right. We also made it prettier.


Like Jeff Daniels, we found them everywhere we looked. Like John Goodman, we crushed them out of existence. Between 0.7.0 and 1.0.0 we focused heavily on stability and pushing Flow to its limits.

In the 3 weeks between releases we tackled dozens of new bugs that popped up… We won’t go into all the details here, but there are a few good general ones to note:

  • Copying and pasting text layers – within a Flow project – used to crash
  • Undoing wildly like is far more stable – deleting layers, undoing timeline creation, manipulation of multiple keyvalues, etc.
  • Resizing and scaling the timeline is like butter now

… and a few good code export ones …

  • Shadows, fonts, rotations, and masks (ios only for this one) are lovely now.
  • There was an interesting, and highly annoying flicker on animations in iOS. We core-animation-whizzed it out of existence by looking back at our open-source project which has an insane level of Core Animation tricks in it.
  • Paths — we overhauled our approach to defining them, and now they’re super perfect.
  • Dash Patterns—this was an interesting addition that was very useful for HTML because it can be used to animate a line over top of a shape.

What’s next?

Our job in the next few weeks is to focus on making sure our early adopters are able to work smoothly with Flow. We’ll be:

  • Fixing user-reported bugs (we’ve already released 3 patches)
  • Creating tutorial content
  • Continuing outreach

After all that, we’re going to nail down a timeline for feature additions. There are a lot of little things we know people want, and that we want to add, so we will figure out the plan of attack.

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