Hey guys, this is my very first of what I hope to be an instructional series for anyone looking to get their feet wet in X.

The format is . I’m going to screen record a session where I explain my process building various components. I’m hoping if you guys like these, you’ll provide me with ideas for what you would like to learn more about. I love digging in and learning, so it’s not a problem if I don’t already know it! 🙂

Well let’s get on with it! Here is the first session: A simple !

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a code component
  • Navigating to project directory
  • Installing and importing styled components
  • Property control type: ControlType.Color
  • String interpolation into styled components
  • Hover psuedoclass
  • Override functions
  • OnClick functions

Source Files:

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Please give me a clap or two or fifty, and let me know what you would like to see next!



Source link https://blog..io/framer-x---simple-button-1eb4536eb7b9?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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