Crazy 8’s ideation

Phase 2_ Sketch: Your first idea may not always be the best, hence we followed the Crazy 8’s method (8 minutes to sketch 8 ideas) to quickly ideate different means to overcome the identified issues.

The ideas that I tried to visualize involved mainly improving the convenience of the reviewer and getting a review with minimum effort from the User. Again using a voting system we pointed out ideas we liked from the group.

Following this, we individually tried to create a Solution Sketch. During the 10 minute activity, we were allowed to speculate all the possibilities which might work in the future and thus not limit ourselves to the current system. Ideated the following

Solution Sketch — Self Reviewing Product

The Self Reviewing Product was conceptualized keeping in mind the themes that we bucketed during the affinity mapping also from borrowing from aspects we discussed as a group. Future electronic products can be in a state where they review themselves depending on large amounts of data, set conditions and algorithms. For example how often they are used, how it is used, if its parts are functioning etc can be used to gauge the rating and thus enable the product to create a review from the collected and analyzed data . Using big data and algorithms this can be a speculative possibility.

  1. This takes care of the Motivation factor because the user wouldn’t have to put additional effort to review the product.
  2. As the review is by the product, the ID associated with the product can be used for verification this takes care of the issue of verification and having to deal with the fake reviews.
  3. The Product owner will also have the ability to mediate over the review (confirm, delete , modify)that is automatically generated hence making the review and rating system convenient, non invasive and with minimum effort.

Following this, we moved to Phase 3_Decide in which we used Heat Map Voting to discuss and select the best ideas from the group. Prototype and Validate are the last two phases of the  , this we were unable to cover considering time crunch.

Learnings from the Sprint

1. Time constraint is not your enemy. It can help identify and collect disruptive ideas and progressive opinions from all members of the group quickly. This can thus help in identifying what is wrong with the current system or what all areas need to be addressed when ideating for a solution.

2. The first solution is probably not your best. Brainstorming be it in a group or with oneself helps one comes up with a more innovative solution. The Crazy 8’s is thus a great method that aids one to push oneself beyond the first obvious idea in 8 minutes.

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