Preparing for being a mom might be quite challenging but, nevertheless, rewarding experience. From one side it is a bright period of woman’s life, however there might be another, darker side, neglected by society. Sometimes don’t get enough of support and information, they feel disconnected from their previous lives and themselves, and finally feel lonely.

Our client, , a startup based in East London, decided to help women to embrace their new journeys by creating a community of who already had similar experience and can share their support and advice.


Our team had an opportunity to create a new feature of a mood for Pillar and connect it with an existing communication tool between women and new mothers (mobile first web application).


Methodology: Lean
Project delivered in:
3 weeks
Team: 4 UX researchers & designers

Source link https://uxdesign.cc/-pregnant-women-and-new-moms-with-a-new-pillar-wellbeing-tracker-ux---8a185532721f?source=rss—-138adf9c44c—4


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