Every day thousands of repositories created and posted on Github and it is rather difficult to find the ones related just to and . We do our best and every two weeks we will select the related to UI/ and can be used for animations, interactions, transitions and some other important aspects.

All libraries are written both for the Web and for Mobile platforms and use the programming languages: Swift, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Dart.

Here is this week’s selection of UX/UI libraries from worldwide:

1. EmojiSlider by Bernardo Ferrari

Emoji Slider

⚙️ Language: Kotlin

📝 Description: 🤯 A slider widget rich in emoji and highly customisable.

👨🏻‍💻 Author:
🛠 Github
📍 Curitiba, Brasil 🇧🇷

Source link https://uxplanet.org/-ui-libraries-from-app-developers--5c0859ad451?source=rss—-819cc2aaeee0—4


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