Give each other the freedom

Projects have pressure of deadline and delivery. While those need to be religiously adhered, it shouldn’t spill down to taking a toll on the collaboration. This can also happen when one is senior in terms of experience or position over other.

“Let’s finish this first”. “It needs to go ASAP”.

“The client is after me, let’s quickly put something”.

Plan your work well while taking into consideration each other’s bandwidth. Good work needs time. And give that to each other. Also be open to each other’s creativity. Don’t trespass on each other’s domain needlessly. Share your ideas but let the other take decision on his part.

Collaboration is more than working together in a project. and writers have their own interest in working closely with other. It helps individuals. It helps the team. And it delivers the best .

We would like to know your thoughts on improving designer writer collaboration? What’s your ideal collaboration? Share your thoughts on the comments below.

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