Founded in 2006, Digibrand is a multidisciplinary design agency with a team of conceptual thinkers, fearless designers, and experienced developers. After a few months of using , we had a chat with Kristaps Nogobods (Project Manager @) to find out if anything has changed in their team’s workflow.

What were the most significant problems you were facing before using Avocode?

The biggest problem was the time-consuming asset exporting process. Our developers needed only design assets, and yet we had to buy them an Adobe CC license and teach them how to use Photoshop. It’s no wonder that developers were using it slowly — it’s simply not built for getting assets.

How does your workflow look nowadays?

Before Avocode, developers wasted approximately one day weekly, just to go through Photoshop and gather all assets, to start programming. Designers were using Skype, e-mail and all kinds of file transferring platforms just to send design assets.

Now Avocode and its plugins are taking their place. For developers there is no more need for Photoshop, everything is in Avocode. Additionally, our developers are now more focused on architecting front-end development and don’t waste time on assembling style sheets.

“For developers, there is no more need for Photoshop, everything is in Avocode.”

For designers, some things should be made a bit differently, so that everything can be shown correctly in Avocode, but we see that Avocode team is working to solve these minor issues.

Earlier, the most significant challenges were with indeed the big projects, as there are a lot of elements and more options for design changes. But with Avocode it’s really easy, even with projects like that are not just a website, but a whole web-based system. — a brand guideline tool for individual designers, design studios & agencies is being coded with Avocode.

Avocode was indeed the missing piece in our workflow. It fit in our workflow instantly, and both designers and developers started using it without any problems. Now the typical workflow is that after the designer finishes the design, everything is in Avocode for developers to access, so that they can get to the work without spending precious time on asset exporting.

Screens for inside Avocode.

What’s the biggest value that Avocode brings to your team?

Again, it is time that is saved and more time gained for designers and developers. Changing the code along with design changes is so easy. For example, when something so simple like color changes in all design pages, with Avocode we don’t have to go through every page and each element. We just pick the color code and paste it — done.

Would you recommend Avocode to others?

Yes, and we are already doing that. You see, our company values are creativity, openness, good design, and efficiency. We aim for the result achieved in the joyful process. Sometimes we’re working on projects, where we don’t own the front-end development part, but still deliver the design. To make sure the result looks as we designed it, we suggest the client to use Avocode for fast and easy design and its assets transferring.

Lattelecom iOS app design.

“In such situations, Avocode is almost irreplaceable.”

It is even more important in situations when we use Sketch, but the agency which receives designs is working with Photoshop. In such situations, Avocode is almost irreplaceable.

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