Improved skills 👨‍🎨

It definitely sharpened my skills. I got better at After Effects, Cinema4D, 360 design in Photoshop, animation principles, rendering, modeling, and composition. Also, I thought through a lot of concepts.

2D is boring 🤦‍

I suspected it, but I never expected that it’d be so much so. After you try 3D design, you will never go back.

Dribbble isn’t a communit‍y 👯 👯‍

Ninety-five percents of comments were things along the lines of “Cool shot!” and “That’s nice.” I spotted only one great designer in the comments section. However, it wasn’t on my shot.

Clients aren’t coming 💸

Really during this time, only a few people contacted me regarding a full-time job. The times when you could get many requests after a shot on a popular page are gone.

Getting followers isn’t difficult 📈

I gained almost one thousand followers in one . For me, personally, this number has changed nothing. But if you want to get more followers, I have good news for you. It’s easy; all that you need to do is post nice shots regularly. Also, I’m sure that you can make much more, beautiful polished shots than mine.

I hate gifs 😡

I spent hours by converting my designs to gifs and optimizing them. By the way, I used this tool. It looks ugly, but it had everything that I needed. If you have a better option, just leave a comment.

I love gifs 😜

But let’s be honest, gifs are the best way to present short interactions, especially since I like to loop them, so they look like infinite videos. Also, they are easy to share around and are more attractive than still pictures.


It is a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together 🤔

I clearly realize that design skills aren’t still and singular. It’s a series of experiences, projects, tests, and explorations. It’s interesting to see how a you did two years ago still affects your career. Once, I made a UI kit for a restaurant landing page. It was nothing special, but it was before this UI kit boom, so it became quite popular. And years later, clients keep coming and asking to make a website for their restaurant even though I have switched to product design and wasn’t so good at marketing.
The last two years have been a period of casting stones away for me. I absorbed everything that I was able to reach about AR and VR. I undertook tons different explorations. I tried to code web VR/AR experiences and build apps in Unity. I refreshed my knowledge of 3D from a previous life when I was an architect. I made tons of UX reviews of someone’s applications. I made a few of my own products in this area. I had a few gigs. I created and maintained a publication about UX in AR/VR. And now that design for AR/VR has become the thing, it’s a great time to gather all of this experience.

Here is the showreel:

All Rebounds on Medium and Behance.

Here is another article with tutorial how to do such 360 VR designs easy:

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