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The article linked at the start of Gene’s article by Kwok Yin Mak offers some great resources into both AE and the fundamentals of animation.

The first article, titled The Principles of UX Choreography offers some great insights into how Disney 2 animation principles, which can be summarized into the following:

1. Feedback (Exaggeration)

User events and interaction should have feedback, i.e a result that demonstrate that said interaction was successful or it failed.

2. Feedforward (Anticipation)

Hint to the user that a certain action is possible, and guide him through a series of interactions.

3. Spatial Awareness (Staging)

Users should understand where things are (swiping left with bring something, and swiping right will bring something else), transitions should be natural to guide the users from point A to point B.

4. User focus (Clarity)

simply put it, you should not animate a lot of things at the same time, guide the user focus in a sequence of logical transitions

5. Brand Tone of Voice (Appeal)

Your assurance company website should not have elastic easing, the way the elements move, the way they change speed, should reflect the brand personality, you wouldn’t see a tax lawyer hopping while walking, even if it was really sick looking, but I’m sure my father won’t do business with him, my father had a grunge with the concept of fun, it seemed too foreign for him I guess.

I pulled this from linkedIn business blog, kinda invalidate my point I guess.

Source link https://blog..io/how--learning----1-41acdcb2d8a6?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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