We’ve reached a point where there are tools available for almost everything and choosing the right tool is like Sophie’s Choice, but first we need to understand how the need for effective human expression and communication gave birth to tools that have evolved over the years

How tools have evolved from Stone Age to Digital

Early humans only had stones and wood available in nature, so they started carving cave paintings using stones and then went on to create primitive tools like hammers and chisels which opened up a way for us to .

Couple of centuries later, ink and paper was invented which now meant that human expression could now be spread to a wider audience. But we didn’t stop there, we perfected brushes and types of ink to exactly replicate our imagination and share with other people, for instance, consider Van Gogh.

But still this wasn’t enough as we wanted to exactly replicate nature itself, which gave birth to photography and couple of years later, we have a plathora of lenses to adjust depth and capture exactly what was intended.

With the advent of digital age, creativity and design took a whole new direction as we could now create anything on softwares, for instance, we could use a digital stylus to switch between pencil, pen and brush on a digital screen and sketch things out.

The point is to understand how has innovated a lot in the space of prototyping and there is literally no other match for it today

Sharp stones used for carving (left) ; Earliest examples of cave paintings (right)
Guess which Painting (left) ; Brushes and Tools (right)
Evolution of Camera and lens technology (From left to right)
Graphic Designer’s Desk (left) ; Types of Digital Brushes in Paper App (right)

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