culture, industry and society are so full of companies public and private related on a .

At the beginning is important to concentrate on which kind of sector you want to specialize, cause there are design related jobs and opportunities no just in habitat, furniture o product design firms, you can in other sectors like packaging, footwear, toys, appliances, automotive, urban elements, lighting, tools and accessories, ceramic products, sanitary, design for crafts, for special conditions, textiles, in design management and product development or teachers in different educational programs.

When you are studying and you need to find a company to make an you can request to your university which agreements have done and with which companies they have had contracts with, during your degree the school use to collaborate with different companies, and this company can be sensible to hire new people from the school you have studied.
Sometimes you can find ex-pupils from your design school on Linkedin, people older than you that have studied in your design school and actually occupy places as Senior Designers or Project Managers into Design Firms.

It depends on the size of the company and if you are willing to go to work outside Spain, there are several offers into design websites like 
Dezeen or Coroflot or also checking Design Blogs. Sometimes you can find job positions as internships call in this webpages. If you are looking for an internship abroad you can look for an Erasmus grant.

If you are looking for a paid job I highly recommend to look for companies and not in design studios, design studios use to be small, and they can’t afford to have a lot of people and pay good salaries. Big companies that have important design departments are more keen on contracting people and have better stable jobs.
The periods for contracting people are so flexible but the contract term used to depend on projects, that are related to design fairs or design exhibitions, traditionally the months for start working are six months temporary contracts from September till February and from February till July. This means that you can imagine when are the needs for new positions during the year and try to intensify your search on those periods.

Seeking for a job related to design is not easy, but is not impossible.

At the beginning when you finish your design school, your first grade or bachelor you want to start working with VIP designers, the most influenceable and important designers, but you can learn a lot from Design related jobs, this means from design shops, design museums or design galleries in front of working just in the restoration or tourist sector.

Looking at design exhibitions you can meet people or just discover work design environments you would like to work for.

There are people that try to find something and they don’t succeed and they abandon completely the hope of working in a design related job. I have found students that have abandoned the possibility to work for a design studio, they have resigned from placement in other companies or just to create a design culture on a normal company.

I can imagine so frustrating is to send hundreds of thousands of emails and don’t receive an answer, but the problem is on the fact how have you sended those emails and they were so badly written and so impersonal that they didn’t answer you. Are a matter of planning, hardworking and a bit of lucky, 
Write your personal design statement and think where are you applying first.

The most important thing is to Win the interview and for this, you can read my post: Win the interview

An interview is a good excuse to meet new people, sometimes there are studios that don’t contract at that moment but can need some hands working in the future.

When you have your appointment for the interview is when you have to worry to make your portfolio to show for your interview.

For more serious works you can use Linkedin or Infojobs. Sometimes I get surprised at how the most serious companies use the worst websites to find really best places.

If you want to Work in Spain, mainly in Madrid or Barcelona you can get lucky at Domestika or you can make it traditionally, looking for design studios and companies in public directories, like Interiors From Spain. If you are looking in Barcelona you can use several design directories like BCD or FAD.

Another important thing is to look for recruiting agencies and creative hotspots, looking inside clusters a lot of companies related to the main sector activities.

The Attendance to design related activities like conferences or exhibitions can be the good occasion to find the business angel that can give you a work or can be the colleague for future ventures.

If you want to start your own company I recommend to use the public services like Barcelona Activa or private banking like Momentum or grants from Santander or la Caixa.

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