I passed my probation last week (it’s my first UX job) with pretty great feedback so I’m stoked and feel comfortable to carry on asking the shiz tone of I have everyday.

Question asking is something I defiantly do not avoid, even when I’ve been worried about embarrassing myself. So here are a few tips on how to ask questions as a when you don’t know what the F is going on!

1. 100% of people didn’t know what the F! was going on at some point in their career/new job/ meeting so do not NOT ask questions to ease that feeling — you will regret it later and look like an idiot if you keep yourself uninformed for so long.

2. Acronyms during meetings ahhhhh!!! stop and ask quickly what that means.

3. If you are in a meeting and don’t want to ruin the flow of proceedings with to many questions, note them down or slack them to the most appropriate person. They can answer you at the end.

4. What the hell is a toast bar?, Is a technical flow different from a user flow?, Is that an industry term or internal slang? Feature branch..eh? So many questions when you hear all these new concepts & terms. Google them first then ask who you think is the best to answer them.

5. If like me you prefer to ask deeper or open questions face-to-face slack/email the person first to see if they are free first. Everyone is really busy at work (hopefully) so you don’t want to ruin a workflow.

6. If it’s apparent that you need to investigate some knowledge from an internal team i.e customer services… ask to set up a quick meeting to get the answers.

7. If you are really lost & confused in a meeting and don’t want to fully embarrass yourself try and make your BEST ASSUMPTION about what is happening then ask your line manager or whomever you feel most comfortable with at the end. Explain your assumption and they will most likely confirm you are right or close it.

8. Make friends with your team — they will be happy to explain things as it makes them feel knowledgeable about their own expertise. It could actually be that asking them questions helps to build a friendship.

Happy question asking ya’ll.

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