In this tutorial I am going to show how to a professional in industry standard vector tool. You will learn the modern techniques of the from scratch to final presentation.

I will show you how to use the basic polygons and shape builder tool to create pixel perfect logo instead of relying on Pen Tool and your hand drawing abilities, Let’s start.

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Step 1. Hexagon

Head over the Rectangle Tool and hold the left mouse button for a while to open the drop-down menu. Select the Polygon Tool and start creating Hexagon.

Head over to New Properties Panel and set a 288px height size.

Holding shift key rotate the polygon on 90deg.

Step 2. Decagon

Mark down the center of the composition with the guides. Grab the Polygon Tool again and holding Alt/Opt key on the keyboard click at the center to bring up the Polygon menu. Set the number of sides to 12 and click ok to create a Decagon.

Head over to Properties Panel and set the the Height and Width size to 576px, which is exactly twice larger then our hexagon size.

Step 3. Duplicates

Make a duplicate of the hexagon using short-code Ctr/Cmd+C & Ctrl/Cmd+F . Size up it using Properties Panel. Type the 432 value into the Width field and click Enter to proceed the transformation.

Position it as shown in the picture below. Bear in mind the one of the side should rest on the decagon’s angle.

Make another duplicate of the same 432px size and position it as shown in the picture below.

Decrease the height of it, so the side ends on the other angle of the decagon. use the picture below as the reference.

Step 4. Create a Piece

Select everything using Ctr/Cmd+A. Grab the Shape Builder Tool and select the piece we are going to use to create the final design.

Clean up the shape from the rest of the details.

Step 5. Polygon Logo in Outlines

Keep the piece selected and grab the Rotate tool. Holding Alt/Opt bring up the Rotate Tool Menu. Type 60 in the Angle Field and click copy to make a duplicate.

Ctrl/Cmd+D to repeat the transformation four more time.

Use the Shape Builder Tool to get rid of overlapping pieces.

Step 6. Work in Color

Next step is to set up the gradient. Swap Fill and Stroke and head over to Gradient Panel. Click on the slider to introduce the gradient and arrange it as shown in the picture below using the Gradient Tool.

Change the Black Gradient Stop on this light blue color #6AC8F1.

Apply this gradient to all pieces and change the direction using the Gradient Tool.

We are done. Our awesome logo is ready. Working without Pen Tool is fun and easy right? If you enjoyed the tutorial, feel free to share it with the friends and do not forget to follow my YouTube Channel. Have a great day.

August 24, 2018

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