One of the key reasons we decided to was that—unlike almost all other branding projects—it was key for optimizing and personalizing the experience for our members and organizers. When you are trying to meet a group of strangers, often in a public place like a park or a restaurant, you need to identify them as your strangers—and if you’re organizing that Meetup, you want people to be able to find you.

We built Swarmify to let people create a unique logo for their Meetup using the same swarm concept behind our new logo. The tool was a critical part of the launch because it helped people understand that there was a good reason behind the change, and that could be beneficial to them.

Screen Queen

One of the most obvious things we needed to produce for all our launch materials was lots of juicy screenshots of the new apps. This seems like it would be one of the most trivial jobs, but there are some factors that make it un-intuitively complex:

  • we didn’t want to reveal real user data without consent (we were so far ahead of GDPR…)
  • we wanted names of groups and events to be easily understandable, conveying the concept of Meetup to the uninitiated as well as making sense for their location and sporting attractive photos
  • we wanted to show upcoming activity, but we didn’t want screenshots to become outdated by showing actual dates
  • we supported 5 languages
  • we supported both iOS and Android, and multiple screen sizes

In order to produce the literally thousands of assets we needed for all of our app store submissions, emails, videos and landing pages, we cooked up a scheme with our QA team and app engineers to create a tool. It loaded the apps with a clean set of fake data we had created with all of the localized content and beautiful photos, then automatically took screenshots of specific views in the apps on all of our platforms at several pre-defined screen sizes.

In the past, when we tried to do this work manually in Photoshop or Sketch, it would take a designer weeks worth of grueling, error-prone, mindless work to produce. By building the tool, we ensured that even as we evolved the interface—as we knew we would be doing frequently in the months after the launch—we would be able to painlessly produce a new set of screenshot assets whenever we launched an update.

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