Have you ever been in a room full of stakeholders arguing over new product features? Each person has their own innovative ideas and no one can’t agree where to start and finally, that one person turned around and ask What’s your option on this?

Yep, this definitely happens to me and my mind voice would be “Wow someone thought of UX opinion”

I have recently started working as UX Designer and I serve two group of people- the business and end user. Some may argue that end users are more important but in my opinion a successful product or business is striking a right balance between the end user’s experience and business goals.

“UX, What’s your opinion on this? This is your time……

Start with finding some basic information like business goals, desired outcome, target customers and further extend the conversation to find insights on technological constrains, competitors and business challenges.

How do I get most out of a ?

Pretend you know nothing about the product

First time you might find this odd “acting dumb” but trust me this will help you find everything from basics and beyond.

Listen…. Listen…. Listen….

Listening is not just about hearing, it’s about understanding what the other person trying to communicate. During the stakeholder meeting one comment often lead to an another follows up question and that can never be predict. This could only happen if you actually listen. It’s not always easy as it sounds but always keep this in your mind you want the details

Be open minded

Often by scanning business brief you always end up with some preconceived idea about the business and think “Ok standard project let’s start designing” Slow down and don’t jump into conclusion because you are yet to discover more at the stakeholder meeting. You might end up gathering information from people you didn’t expect.

Speaking of people, it’s not always business owner who will know more details about the end user, it could be the sales agent who could give more insights as they deal directly with the customer day in day out.

Keep digging

Probing is most important out of this list. Purpose of you being in that meeting is gain deeper understanding of the business. Often, it’s simple as repeating their answer back at them and they will often pick up again and through more insights.

Don’t be afraid to ask ‘Why?’ if they don’t like something

“Listen and when in doubt probe” -Sujitha Niroshan

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