I recently started interning at this start-up and the that they have made is by far the most app I have ever come across. At first glance, the app (Eye-D) made me think about how bland it looks. A black and white style guide with font and text extremely plain and simple. I, being a UI/ designer chose to approach the developers by saying let me change the way it looks or let me give it some gorgeous colors and fonts. The guys looked at me like “what? why?”. That’s when I realized that the app was not created to look beautiful, it was created to solve problems for people who are blind.


Now that was a challenge, making it accessible to the blind. Making an app accessible is an integral part of any app and this was the fundamental point I learnt during my first few days at work. It was like THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT to be considered while making or changing anything in the app. So what are the few things you need to keep in mind while make an app accessible to all? Here goes the list.

1. Top priority — Audience

You need to be clear as to who you are designing for. Interact with test groups and see how they use general apps on their phones. It is important to understand their thought process before designing. Taking my example, we were always aware that our audience falls under the category of the visually impaired and hence did not pay much attention to beautification.

2. Content

Your content must be understood by your audience. It can’t have fancy and technical terms that overwhelm your users. That’s not your goal. Your aim is to have simple language that everyone can comprehend which allows users to access your app without having to Google any words.

3. Build a relationship with your users

I can’t STRESS enough on this. The users journey using your app must be smooth sailing. They need to trust you and doing this is extremely important for the retention of your users. How do we do this? There are multiple ways — ask them about their experience, provide them incentives, make them feel privileged; all of this depends on the kind of app you have. (I am not referring to cashback offers but if it works then why not xD)

4. Feedback

Allow users to give feedback easily. This is important as only if they provide feedback will you know what to improve on. Also try having a few users with whom you are in touch with on a weekly/monthly basis (over the phone/e-mail). This will let you be aware of any issues that the user might face or also accept suggestions that pop up during their journey.

5. User testing

You CAN NOT release your app into the market without testing it with ACTUAL USERS. You will know what works and what doesn’t only when you see them use it. For instance, Eye-D had to be tested for several months by the visually impaired before it was out.

6. Look into analytics

You need to be aware of which feature is being used the most and the least. This will help you map the patterns and also understand the changing trends. Once you know these trends, adapt your app accordingly (adapting is key to survive).

7. Don’t overdo

There is a thin line between looking good and overdoing it. Screens with too many things tend to draw attention. Negative attention. It looks cluttered and users are confused as to which of the features to use. This affects the user experience and can result in lower app usage.

Well, these are a few ways that you can make your app accessible. Obviously there are other factors but by keeping these few in mind, you will be able to reach out to most of your users.

Thank you!

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