Now why do you bought that specific brand of car or a house in that particular locality? There were obviously hundreds of choices before you then how and why do you bought that specific car or house or any other product.

The short answer is emotion.

A buying decision is more than satiating a need. It may be that your choose a particular brand of car or bought a house in a locality because of the status factor. It can also be peer pressure. It can be a feeling of security. All these are emotional triggers that influence buying decisions.

If you deeply analyze buying motives, you will see that buyers just don’t buy products to satiate their needs but also to satiate their emotional needs. Emotions can be fear, happiness, security, status etc.

When people buy to satiate their emotional needs then isn’t it a smart way for copywriters to appeal to those emotions through their . And subtly influence their buying decisions.

But that rarely happens.

Most of sites have copy full of facts, stats and data- number of people bought, ratings, specifications etc.

There is no emotional connect with the audience.

So how to build emotional connect with the audience? How to add emoticons to your copy?

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