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Writing a good copy needs strong command over language, good vocabulary, deep understanding of the audience etc. That’s there. But there are few other equally important elements that make a copy engaging and compelling.

  • Give your copy a personality- Create a personality for your copy which is in tune with your brand message and buyer persona. If your customer are young, college going kids- write a copy that talks in their language. If you want to present your business as something which is serious about its work but likes to have fun then craft a copy that resonates it loud and clear. Voice is a key element of a personality.

See how Zipcar uses different voice and images to speak to two different audience types-

Make your copy scannable- Online visitors mostly scan the copy rather than reading every word of it. If they can’t scan your copy and get to the information they are looking for, they will leave and move to other website. To make your content scannable-

  • Use headings and subheadings in bigger fonts to navigate your user
  • Get straight to point
  • Use bullet points
  • Write in shorter sentences and paragraphs
  • Use images to illustrate your point
  • Write in your audience’s language

Make your copy mobile-friendly- Responsive design is the quickest way to make a site mobile friendly. But is your copy mobile friendly? Responsive design can fit your site on mobile or Tablet but not the copy. With more and more people accessing sites on mobile, it is important to boost the mobile-friendliness of your copy. Here’s how to do it-

  • Adjust the font size for mobile devices
  • Write shorter sentences
  • Break your copy into smaller paragraphs
  • Use short descriptions and ‘read more’
  • Use white space and color shades to create chunks of content

Add action in your CTAs- A Call To Action (CTA) is an essential part of any copy. The idea behind writing a great copy is to attract visitors attention, impress and convince, and then encourage him to take an action. The action can be to buy an item, subscribe to your newsletter or download a book. Here’s how to write actionable CTAs-

  • Keep your CTAs short to few words
  • Keep it simple
  • Put action in your CTA for example- ‘Get the eBook’ instead of ‘Submit’

Insert relevant links in your copy- One of the easiest ways to make your visitors spend more time on your site, read more of your copy and visit more pages is to include relevant links with your copy. Some of the benefits of adding links are-

  • It helps in SEO and boosts rankings
  • Helps your readers know more on the subject
  • Navigate to relevant pages

However, don’t overdo interlinking and use it only when you see a benefit for your reader to click on it.

Remember, there are thousands of websites that are vying to get attention of your potential customers. Good copy will help you to get her attention. Use the tips discussed above to make your copy more engaging and make her take desired action- more subscriptions, more sales etc.

What are your tips to write better website copy? Let us know in below comments.

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