User Testing:

This update is about you, how you want to the things you want to do and the places you want to go. We are all looking for a smoother process to avoid miscommunications and save time. So I ask you for a few extra taps, easy finger movements, to help the drivers arrive to you faster and easier.

The next step is user testing. I hope to see many riders use the feature, and I hope to see the percentage of request cancellation decrease significantly. I also want qualitative data from Uber drivers: are adding details like the color of the rider’s shirt and the statement “in front of Walmart” helpful? I did present my final prototype to 8 Uber drivers in Atlanta, and they all appreciated the extra three-four words description part, as it could really help them navigate quicker and more accurately. However, I want to go beyond Atlanta and see if this idea could help in other cities as well.

Overall, I want to thank all the warmhearted drivers who took the time to talk about methods that they believe will their experience with Uber. Thank you for all your input and feedback; this isn’t just my project, it’s all of ours. If you enjoyed this article, and you have your own opinions or suggestions, I hope you will leave a comment so I can hear them and work with you.

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