I’m not trying to sell you anything here. This article is a part of my intention to lobby digital experiences. I simply open sourcing parts of my brain.

Search has informative, valuable and sensitive real-time data features such as Traffic status, Flight status, high sensitive Stock and other financial data. What about package tracking serach experience by unique tracking ID? “Your search did not match any documents.” While UPS and FedEx alone moving 11.6B packages every year! That’s a crazy number. On average UPS handle 19M packages a day, total of 6.9B/year. (I assumed all are registered mails with a tracking number, I imagined not every failed intention of people who tried to track their package, including mine .

Several days ago, I send a package from Tbilisi, Georgia to Austin, TX, USA. I entered tracking ID to Georgia post website and it turned out to service is not responding. The first day, it did not show the result and the second-day tracker had MySQL error. Yes, it is local issue, but when I tried to use Google, I decide to design for this issue.

Some of them claims they are ALL-IN-ONE tracking and universal

The first time, I used Package tracking keyword

#5(after irrelevant ads) — Packagetrackr

  1. Entered tracking ID
  2. Identified carrier after 20 second
  3. 19 seconds after an alert message showed that “The shipment carrier doesn’t have the tracking information in their system yet.”

Experience failed.

#6 — parcelmonitor

  1. Entered tracking ID
  2. After 23 seconds platform identified the carrier and asked me “Is your carrier inside the list?” I clicked on the career logo
  3. After 16 seconds page asked the same question
  4. After several seconds page asked the same question
  5. After several seconds page asked the same question
  6. Enough! ^^

Experience Failed.


  1. I agreed ‘do not know what’ by clicking I agree
  2. Entered tracking ID
  3. Showed results in seconds but someone decided to implement on-boarding guidelines here. Onboarding guideline asked me — “Please enter the tracking number(s) here.” after I already did that.
  4. Closed onboarding guide and finally sow the results

Okey, but failed.

My personal experience showed that in this experience:

  • To accumulate date from logistics providers’ is complex, the accuracy rate isn’t 99.8%. The package was taken more than ten days ago and every tracking solutions still show awaiting delivery scan message. Even though, flight data or financial data is presented very accurate and up to date.
  • Some websites showed no result message and some identified the carrier incorrectly. At the same time17track identified track ID successfully and presented information, but not well enough for today’s data-driven and mobile world.

Is this process that much complex even for Google to deliver package information to millions of people instantly? Of course it is complex, but I don’t think so it is that much ^^

Who can provide a solution to turn this experience 9.99% accurate and up-to-date in seconds? Google & Amazon

Behind partnerships, operational, technical and legal aspects, I will do my job and will focus on information architecture and flow of package tracking experience.

Initiative Brief

While there are many packages tracking ‘solutions’ with needless complexity and extraneous details, what if Google wants to implement package tracking solution for anyone who wants to get information instantly by a tracking number.

Core features

  1. Package status
  2. Tracking history

IA, Flow and UI Solution

My initiative is based on Google & 17track collaboration.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I believe this tiny initiative can solve a seemingly small frustration, but it will be a significant improvement in package tracking experience for millions of people.

If you want to look closely to real pixels, download it from here. I used existed products of Google not to violate design patterns and make the right information architecture.

There are many scenarios for sure, but this is a core for international package tracking. I will find a time to make a design system for this. I started a lifelong challenge which is about to create wealth for people by creating digital products and lobbying digital experiences. Main criteria are experience transformation and reach. So, I have to switched another initiative.

Source link https://uxplanet.org/how-well-google-know-where-our--is-285360e66815?source=rss—-819cc2aaeee0—4


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