I would design the “Post Preview” feature. Click Here to see the Prototype.

💁🏼‍ If I  at..

This post is a part of a parody series where I use my passion for UX to shamelessly make improvements to the applications and websites of company’s I want to work for.

Hire me, here’s why!

hello world:

Today we would like to announce the addition of Post Preview to .

This feature allows you to preview what your post will look like on your profile prior to posting. At Instagram we know you have a certain aesthetic you want your profile to follow. Now it’s easier than ever to control the look of your content.

👋 Meet the Preview Tab👋

Preview Tab

Have you ever spent a ridiculous amount of time editing a photo to try and match the rest of your profile and then, when you finally post the photo you realize.. “damn, that picture so doesn’t even look good beside that other post…” Delete!

Now with the Preview Tab you will be able to see what your photo will look like before you post it, and avoid the awkward posting and deleting situation.

Adjust Photo Position

This tab also allows you to adjust the photo’s position within the frame when displayed on your profile. This means we won’t always crop your photo using the centre anymore. All you have to do is use your finger to drag the photo to your desired position.

Notice how (Instagram’s very own) @caitlinobunny’s head is being cropped out of the original photo. Now that you can adjust the positioning, she was able to fit all her excitement into one frame.

Wanna see the Prototype? ⚡️Click here!

Made with Love

by Caitlin O’Bunny


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