Chances are, Abbey Lossing’s illustrations are more stylish than you. The Brooklyn-based illustrator infuses a range of intricate and interesting patterns into each of her designs, inspired by her love of textile. In fact, created her own clothes in high school and was going to major in fashion design before discovering her passion for drawing.

“I always try to integrate an interesting pattern into my illustrations, whether it be on the subjects’ clothes, the wallpaper, or the drapes in the background,” she said in an article on Digital Arts Online.

Abbey first got her start as an in-house illustrator at BuzzFeed and Vice News, improving her GIF-making skills and learning how to work under tight deadlines. Today, she is a full-time freelancer and has worked with top brands like Facebook, Google, Target, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Check out some of our favorite illustrations and animations by Abbey:

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