Colorful, minimalist, and abstract—that’s the work of freelance illustrator and animator Linn Fritz. She describes her designs as “1960s-1970s, with a modern touch,” which has attracted major clients including Facebook, KFC, and Aperol Spritz for the Australian Open. Originally from Sweden, she now lives in London.

also co-founded Punanimation with two of her friends, which is a directory of women, non-binary, and trans animators and motion designers. It started as a Facebook group in April 2015 that grew organically among their close friends. The community become stronger, so the three women decided to put together a directory where people could easily research and find diverse designers to work with. Today, the directory has almost 200 entries and the Facebook group has more than 2,000 members.

Check out some of our favorite illustrations by Linn:

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