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Building a great experience is a dream of every Product Founder. As a Product Designer, I often got asked to help Product Founder/Owner to build a great experience for their Product (Mobile or Website). Sometimes they ask me to revamp their current because in some cases, their product is not working.

In the middle of June, Galih, Naula and Syifa the Founders of Mecapan Apps sent me a message and ask me to help revamp their Mobile Apps. Let me introduce a little bit about Mecapan; Mecapan is a mobile apps that offers the first end-to-end management for beauty services in Indonesia. It help women find and book a wide array of beauty treatments as well as help the beauty providers reach and manage clients.

But, they say, some cases is not working and people find it hard to book via Mecapan Apps.

So, I tried to help Mecapan Apps better. Check it out!

My design process

1. Understand

I began the design process by trying to understand the goals and problems. This is how we determine the goals:

  • Gather data and statistics from current design
  • Breakdown requirements that has not been implemented in current design
  • Usability testing to get the problems

Understand Goals

Global goal for this apps is to help Mecapan user’s to more easily find beauty treatment provider, and also book an appointment. User can discover and choose their favorite services from the best beauty treatment provider faster.

Understand Problems

There is some often problems that the Founders want to solve with Mecapan Apps. So I began with breakdown the global problems that they want to solve from Customer’s side:

  1. Find credible beauty treatment providers that fit user budgets
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Compare between options

And from Provider’s side:

  1. Hard to attracting and retaining new customers
  2. Ensuring effective information management for customer profiles, rescheduling calendars, feedback and even transactions
  3. Having reliable analytics of their customer base

They think for now that the only options currently available for user to get a best beauty provider is: Ask for friend’s recommendation (emotional reference), Find it online (biased reference), Randomly choose (visual reference).

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