The Oracle Applications (OAUX) team has published an updated cloud UX strategy ebook. In this ebook, you’ll find information about what guides the of Oracle’s cloud UX as we continue to evolve. We write about the things we are focused on, all based on our research with Oracle’s applications users, and offer you a glimpse at the roadmap and where we’re planning to invest time and resources. You can download a copy at

The OAUX team was at Oracle Cloud Day Netherlands 2017 in the past month, which was held in Nieuwegein. We brought along our onsite lab to gather customer feedback on cloud user experiences and other projects we’ve been working on. For a fun look at the one-day conference, check out this video. It is mostly in Dutch but features a couple members of the OAUX team, above, as well as conference speaker Karen Scipi, below, who talked about chatbot design.

Are you wondering how virtual reality (VR) might be integrated into your company’s software? Tawny Le, a member of the OAUX Emerging Technologies team, or The AppsLab, writes about her research into VR and where it will fit in enterprise systems. Her answer may surprise you.

OAUX team member Tawny Le turns on a VR headset.
OAUX team member Tawny Le turns on a VR headset.

TAILORING YOUR USER EXPERIENCE: Perhaps you’ve already seen our recent post on Oracle platinum partner Boxfusion Consulting, which worked with members of the OAUX team to build a custom solution – based on Oracle UX design patterns – for a customer. Boxfusion has written more about the project and offers screenshots of what they built.

FOR PARTNERS: Two new webcasts on Release 13’s visual evolution tools are now available. Customer Connect (you must be a member) has published “Oracle Applications Cloud Release 13’s Visual Evolution Tools Deliver Modern User Experience,” which highlights the expanded branding and theming controls and framework improvements that provide increased flexibility to define a customer’s own branding on the screen and reflect corporate culture and organizational needs.

HCM Talk Radio has also released an audio webcast, “Release 13 User Experience and what new visual functionality may be coming in the future.” Both webcasts are presented by OAUX team member Katy Massucco.

STAY CONNECTED: Don’t forget to check in with the AppsLab to see what they’re researching in the emerging tech arena. The most recent posts include a recap of Oracle’s first Girl Geek Dinner, which included two demos from our team members.

And please visit the OAUX team’s Facebook page to see us in action and follow us on Twitter.



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