Playground at Grange Park, Toronto, ON / mv

for Exterior Spaces 2/3

I covered the Principles of Inclusive Design in my previous article.

Human Space tasked us with these questions: What exterior spaces can be created because of good planning of a site? What features are essential, and who has a say in this decision? What opportunity is there to embrace inclusion, connection to the neighbourhood, and how can the site’s exterior spaces be more flexible and responsive to community needs? How do design and programming in exterior spaces promote an accessible, connected, and resilient community?

My team discussed these questions, sharing personal and frustrations. We wanted to create tight knit communities, enhance spaces with nature and share these experiences with neighbours by planning for inclusiveness and accessibility.

To develop empathy for the users of these spaces, I did some guerrilla research at the park close by. My goal was to understand how people valued their community and shared vicinity.

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