We’ve seen the emergence of DevOps and, more recently, DesignOps and ResearchOps.

Despite their heavy investment in these areas, large organisations still face an insight gap, which can gravely curtail product success. Perhaps the time is ripe for InsightsOps: the and operationalisation of research—currently locked in silos—that can lead to true across the organisation.

What are the sources, tools, libraries, policies, procedures/cadences, and principles/perspectives we can use to sustainably amplify this kind of work?

In this session will help us understand the concept of and how we can leverage it in our work to best utilise available data – ultimately resulting in a better product.

The Details

Meet Louis

Lou Rosenfeld is Rosenfeld Media’s founder and publisher. Like many user experience folk, Lou started somewhere (library science), made his way somewhere else (information architecture), and has ended up in an entirely different place (publishing).

Lou spent most of his career in information architecture consulting, first as founder of Argus Associates and later as an independent consultant. He co-founded the Information Architecture Institute and the IA Summit. And he does know something about publishing, having edited or co-authored five books, including the IA “bible,” Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, and Search Analytics for Your Site. He tweets @louisrosenfeld

How to Ask Your Questions

If you can’t make the live session but have questions, we’d love to collect them ahead of time and we’ll ask Lou on your behalf. You can ask them in the comments below. We’ll publish the responses (along with the full transcript) in the days following the session.

Here are some questions to inspire you

  1. What are data hubs and how can they be setup and used for InsightOps?
  2. Do you know of any organisations that are currently making progress in working this way?
  3. There is a big focus on lean and agile workflows in UX these days. Do these approaches have an impact on how successfully we gain insights from available data?

How does Ask the UXperts work?

These sessions run for approximately an hour and best of all, they don’t cost a cent. We use a dedicated public Slack channel. That means that there is no audio or video, but a full transcript will be posted up on here in the days following the session.

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