Momentum Morning Activities

Here’s a list of the activities we’ve facilitated during Momentum Morning. Try these within your team or comment below with some ideas for new ones!

Craft your design principles

Define what your design principles are and how they’ll be used throughout your team and company. Here are some questions we used to guide us:

  • Which design principles foster the best experience for our ?
  • Do these principles distinguish our design from our competitors?
  • Are these principles in line with our company mission and values?

Sketch-noting workshop

Sketch note taking is a creative way to receive and deliver information. It challenges your brain and your hand simultaneously in ways it’s not used to working in.

Get your team together to read an interesting medium article. Take notes on what you’re reading with pictures and visuals identifying main points. Compare notes and see how others visualized their thoughts.

Client interview template

Standardize conversations with clients by templating the process out. Create a list of questions and notes to ensure consistency in your approach, user feedback, and documentation.

Improving town halls and meetings

These don’t have to suck. Collaborate with your team on ways you can make your company town halls and meetings more fun and engaging.

  • Playing music while people are entering/exiting and opening to requests
  • Introducing new employees and sharing fun facts about them
  • Using video cameras for remote

Once you have a few ideas, test and validate them in smaller team meetings. Ask people for feedback. Document what worked and what didn’t.

For a product wide QA Test Fest we had back in the depths of winter, I started a crackling fire for us to all sit around as a team to stay toasty while we crushed bugs. Result: happy people and less despair.

Presentation skills

Improving and refining our soft skills are often overlooked in the context of our day to day tasks. Present 5 minute lightning talks, workshops, or activities within your team.

We’ve had a lot of fun teaching the product team more about UX principles in bite sized activities. Most of which are tactile and require an imagination.

Information Architecture Activity

This was a super fun and unique take on an information architecture exercise. With 5 random desk objects in teams of two, we grouped our objects in alike categories. Our challenge was to walk around to other teams and try to understand their groupings. Card sorting FTW!

Workspace optimization

Take time to analyze the physical space you work in. Is there anything you can move, rearrange, or add to the space to enhance and prompt collaboration? Redesigning the desk layout? Tossing things out?

Maybe this time is used to sit down and buy replacements for the dry erase markers, pens, and erasers you know you’ve been wearing thin. Or maybe it’s to buy a huge lego set like us 🙂 Treat yo’self.

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