is a freelance illustrator,he is good at illustration, animation, design and development. He has attracted many fans by his unique style, serving many outstanding companies such as Apple, Procreate, HarperCollins UK, Aquila Magazine. Today, we invited Jarom to tell us his secret of success.

UISDC: How did you get into illustration? When did you realize you could make a career out of it?

Jarom:I have always loved to draw. I took art classes in school, and studied illustration in university.

When I started at university I was planning to be a dentist, and maybe draw some pictures in my spare time, but as I took more illustration courses, I realized I would hate being a dentist.

I think I realized that I wanted to be an illustrator after a trip to New York with some teachers and other students from my program. We visited several professional illustrators and it made it feel real to me that I could really do this.

UISDC: I see your new work( very popular on web, how did you illustrate it. Would you like to show us the process with a video?

Jarom:Thank you! I illustrated this in Procreate on my iPad Pro. I have played with the idea of using parallax to create a fake 3D effect a few times, but I think this has been my most successful attempt.

It’s subtle, but I also added a little animation around the sword at the bottom in addition to the 3D parallax. The idea is really quite a bit simpler than it looks (although the code gets a bit complicated).

I just have a few different layers, and when I tilt the phone I move each layer relative to how far back it is. The biggest difference when designing something like this versus a normal illustration is that I need to make sure each layer has enough detail that when the layer in front of it is moved, I’m not exposing half-finished drawings. As far as colors and inspiration go, I wish I had a more scientific approach, but I really just make it up as I go. I will admit that I had been playing quite a bit of Zelda before I drew this, so that probably had some influence on the subject matter 🙂


UISDC: What do you feel most creatively inspired by, both within your field and outside it?

Jarom:I am inspired by a lot of things. Other artists, music, movies, nature, old video games.

Really I just try to live an interesting life so I can always be finding new ideas. I also love to read, and I have a few illustrations based on obscure books.

UISDC: Whose work are you loving at the moment?

Jarom:I always love Jon Klassen and Carson Ellis’ work.

Jon Klassen

Owen Davey is very good. Bernie Fuchs, Mark Conlan, Rafael Mayani, Warwick Johnson Caldwell, Rune Fisker, Alyssa Scott, Karly Catto. I could go on, but there are so many people who are so good. I’m always finding new artists that I love.

UISDC: You use Java Script skills in your work to create a parallax effect. It’s very creative , how did you come up with this creative idea? Would you like to share the JS code with us ? And introduce the JS in your work with simple word?

Jarom:I actually taught myself how to code so I could make my own illustration website, it eventually led to a day job where I did some development and design for a while, but ultimately I am always looking for interesting ways to combine art and code.

I find that it’s a nice change because thinking about code is so different than thinking about art. When I get frustrated with one, it feels like taking a break to work on the other. I get really excited when I find a project that involves both. The JS code is pretty long and complicated, so I won’t bore you with it here. But I definitely it’s worth learning some coding skills, and the easiest way to do that is to have a project you want to use it on!

UISDC: What advice would you give to aspiring illustrators out there?Can you share with us how you can effectively improve your illustration capabilities? You often use iPad Pro , would you like to share your Procreate setting usage habits ? And what else App do you like except Procreate?

Jarom:Drawing is fun and hard and worth it! Keep drawing and keep practicing, but don’t burn yourself out. Art is so much easier when you have a balanced life — spend time outside and with your family, do interesting things. Then draw them.

I don’t think I have any secret settings in Procreate, but if you’re interested in how I work specifically, I have a free class on Skillshare at where I go over all of that in a lot of detail.

I use Procreate almost exclusively, but I have been playing a bit with Affinity Designer as well recently. I also occasionally use Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects. When I do need to use Adobe apps on my Mac, I use the app Astropad Studio to turn my iPad into a graphics tablet.

UISDC: We are very interested in your office environment. Can you open for us to take a picture of your workplace?






Thanks for the inspiring knowledge Jarom shares with us! Hope we can see more excellent works from him!

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