Like many students, have always been my go-to tool for memorization. And while it’s easy to grab a deck of notecards, it’s not so easy to share them with friends, classmates, and students. Surprisingly there are very few apps out there that make creating, using, and sharing flash both and fun. Bitcards are digital flash cards you can instantly share! Here’s a few highlights:

  • 🎉 No signup or download required! Just create your cards and bookmark your unique link.
  • 👫 Instantly Shareable! Each deck you create comes with a unique link that lets you immediately start sharing your cards.
  • 🌈 Beautiful & Intuitive! Bitcards make memorization fun, with a physics-driven interface that makes using your flash cards as intuitive as a deck of notecards.
  • 🤑100% Free. Forever. There’s no subscriptions, no ads, no in-app purchases. Just free flash cards for everyone!

🌈 Beautiful & Intuitive

Bitcards employs a physics-driven interface that makes memorization as intuitive as a deck of notecards. Plus it works seamlessly on desktop browsers, laptops, and phones!

👫 Instantly Shareable

Bitcards are dead simple to create and share. When you create a deck the content of your cards are encoded in a compressed format called “base 64”, and then stored in a unique url. When you share this link with a friend they receive a copy of your cards, and can make changes without changing your copy.

🎉 No signup or download required!

Ready to get started! Just head to and you’re on your way! All your cards are safely stored in the url of your browser so there’s nothing to download, no passwords to remember, just simple, beautiful, flash cards.

Who Made This?

💪 I did!

Bitcards has been a labor of ❤️ by me, Chris Patty. I work as a web developer for Tecuity Inc, and love to make open source tools like Bitcards in my free time. You can check out more of my work at and follow what I’m working on at:

Comments & Questions

Have any feedback or questions? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @chrisjpatty. Got some work for me? I’m available for freelance, let’s chat!

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