The heart of the next Renaissance

‘Every child is an artist…Pablo Picasso.’

The creative genius of children needs a right channel and direction to blossom. What better way to spark a kid’s creativity than through learning from the most inspiring and successful innovators.

What is ‘LiL’?

‘LiL’ is an online platform for improving the creativity and visualization skills of children.

LiL’ is short for Little. Where the first ‘L’ stands for a Parent, ‘i’ stands for the kid and third ‘L’ stands for the Mentor (working professionals). Here, kids can connect, learn and collaborate with the top design professionals and artists and even exhibit their own art.

The learning material is curated by the mentors and presented in an easy to understand manner to help the little learners acquire the necessary skills while having fun and enjoyable experience.

LiL’ provides an excellent opportunity for art professionals to interact with raw talent and to learn from kids. The creativity of kids is boundless and LiL’s primary mission is to improve ‘CQ(Creativity Quotient) in children.

How it started?

My nine-year daughter wanted help with designing a personal logo. Instead of designing a logo for her, I introduced Adobe Illustrator Draw to her, a simple vector drawing tool on and she created her final logo there.

At the end of it, both of us were pleased by the results, it only took few hours and she learned a lot about logo design process. And this idea of connecting parents, kids and mentors under a single platform and encouraging
the kids to explore and exhibit their true talent came up.

Teresa shares her thoughts behind the logo.

My wife and I, we’ve conducted a couple of art and design workshop for kids and realized the need for a platform that can create the next-gen artists and designers through an equal partnership with parents, kids and mentors.

Kids have no fear about the final output and they have an abundance of self-confidence to push their limits and this make teaching kids a very satisfying experience.

Working professionals have real world experience and they are exposed to the new tech and techniques in the industry making them best suited for the mentoring the budding talent.

Also, the intends to be a steadying stream of income for freelance designers and artists.

Way forward

There are many avenues that are being currently explored including revenue stream, building a presence in the market and brand visibility.

Most important facet of the app is the collaboration with industry leaders and communication platforms like Adobe, and Facebook messenger for kids.

Adobe has already created a revolution in the design world by introducing some outstanding design tools & processes. Adobe have already established themselves in design empowerment and that is more reasons to believe that they could take this game-changing app to the next level.

Adobe’s experience with Behance could be replicated by creating a learning platform for kids.

Facebook messenger for kids is the perfect chatbot for children to collaborate with their friends and mentors inside the app. It can gain its real potential when it stands for an educational purpose.

The app would also be promoted as of the in-school initiatives. Live or recorded sessions that can be done as of the prescribed fine art syllabus. Both teachers and students can hone their skills and also learn about the latest tools, design initiatives from professionals.

Another possibility is for either Apple or other philanthropic institutions to subsidize iPads to be used to impart quality art education.

A genuine collaboration of professionals and big brands will help make this dream come true and thereby bring about a new age renaissance in the world of design & art education.

A basic concept is shared here in rough sketches to collect and feedback or suggestions with the goal of getting into the next phase of design and development.

Please share your thoughts and feedback here

Rough sketches about the idea — Freehand sketch in InVision

Concept — Rough sketch

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