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I got the new a few months back. Like everyone else, I’m also an Apple fanboy. Love to have the Apple products. With that notch, I got my first Apple product X.

Reader Caution: Few of my find-outs iphone X, which help seamlessly on the basic usage.

I purchased iPhone from the US, it took quite a time to arrive, during that period I decided to let me not do any research and, I prepared myself I won’t be experimenting by installing all app and get to know more about the phone. Let me use it as a standard phone, let the phone hit me if it is a ‘Wow Phone.

Once I got the phone, I moved my primary number and made it as a most usable phone in a day. Installed all the necessary app from WhatsApp to Amazon. Remember only the needed apps. So I was clear, I shouldn’t be using the phone for the sake of using. I should get applied to it by using it. After two months the realization happened.

I also have Mi A1 stock android, almost got all the features compare to Pixel 2. Expect the camera view, which Mi took the first hold. I use both the phones parallel in all circumstances. Both the phones have the same apps installed. Starting it was tough to jumble between the phone. Now it is classic, got the upper hand in both the phones.

UX Searcher

UX finding is always my passion. Now I’m overused to it. Whenever I get the handhold of any product by nature, I start my UX Search in the product.

Likewise, after two months of the usage. First thing I felt the touch sensitivity of iPhone. They have mastered it because I’m being using smartphones for nine years. The real feel of touch sensitivity felt in the iPhone. I need to admit it, nothing exaggeration it is a fact.

My favorite Five — UX Searched

1. Mute Ringing

iPhone X will not ring when I have the phone in hand or while I’m using the app on the phone. The phone doesn’t ring. Phone ringing UI appears you won’t allow using other apps. Attend or reject the incoming call. Maybe it read by face, by face ID. I have no clue, but I loved this UX.

Video sums up my finding

Another add-on is touch to attend the call feature. When the phone is aside, and when you get phone ringing. You will swipe and attend the call. Moreover, when you are using any apps on the phone when you get a call. As per the logic phone ringing UI will appear, and you need to swipe left/top/down and to attend the call. However, in iPhone X, you will see only the incoming call UI, No swipe for attending the call, simple touch of the green icon you will be answering the call. Simple UX.

2. Descend Ringing

Descend ringing of iPhone X

When the phone rings on the call. Once I take it to hand it descend the sound. It reacts once I take the phone in hand. Generally, before we attend the call, we like to mute the ring and then attend by seeing who is calling us. iPhone does that automatically. On the dot, perfectly timed.

3. Swipe down to Control Center

Top right swipe of iPhone — Control Center

From the top you swipe down, to see the notification and from the top right you swipe you will get Control center. Swipe control at the notch. I like the separation in which they thought through, and it is constructive. The control center is entirely customizable, my most used feature now.

4. Swipe up to exit

Swipe to exit the app — iPhone X feature

Easy swipe up to the exit. Earlier it was a hard button to press for exiting the app in the older device or feather touch to exit the app. No in the recent smartphones you mostly end up having an icon to exit the app. Swipe up is more comfortable to exit, do try you will be amazed.

5. Face ID

Face ID — iPhone X feature

Most impressive feature. When the phone is ideal, we generally have the habit of taking the phone and check for notifications. So every time you press the side power button and then unlock the phone. In iPhone X they used gyrometer well to get the mobile motion. The phone lights up once you take the phone in hand and the moment you see the phone, it senses your face by Face ID and unlocks the phone. It all happens in the fraction of second. So no touch, no click, no swipe. Just by seeing the phone it opens.


As said earlier I was not precise regarding using the iPhone and let me figure out my way and let the phone hit me with it simple UX. It worked! I also compare with other old iPhones like (iPhone 5 to iPhone 7), none of the above mentioned specific human behavior UX implemented. So the future bet will on UX in human behavior.

These are some of my basic level UX find-outs, I have few more find out as well, will be sharing it soon in my future blogs.

Do UX as per the Human situation, don’t make the user adopt the device UX. UX should be in the living environment.

Understanding a human situation is UX.

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