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As you look and analyze a given UI screen or flow, ideas of how you might improve it rush into your consciousness. Here you are faced with two general approaches: you either a/b each change individually, or you group some of them together into a . Which is right?

Share ‘Why’ You Voted In A Particular Way As A Comment

To make things more interesting, I’d like to encourage you to share your thoughts as to why you voted in a particular way. Perhaps there are cases when both answers are true. Or perhaps you have your own particular answers to the above question. Let’s talk about it.

I Will Also Share My Answer In 3 Days

As you vote and leave comments, I’m writing up my case for what I think is the right approach – stay tuned. 🙂

Source link https://goodui.org/blog/is-it--to-make--design-changes-in-a-single-test-variation/


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