The main obstacles I encountered while working on the mockups were :


Bad alignement HURTS!

I tried to use different set-ups of grids and columns layouts to help me with alignement but I wasn’t very comfortable with any of them. I felt that the screen was too crowded when the grid was turned on and didn’t really know how to use it with many elements. However, while making the icons you see in this section, I turned the grid on and worked with it more efficiently.


I need one of these.

While this should be pretty easy to do with the rulers and grids turned on, I had a hard time figuring out how to replicate alignement and finding a good methodology to stick with.


Mountains don’t have to be green.

I have never worked on photo editing so I found it hard to find the right balance between blurring the image, using a mask and trying to retain bright colors to replicate the yellow in the log in screen. I tried various pictures and stuck with the one I was most comfortable with.


Did you know that the human eye can perceive a few millions of colors? That makes for a lot of gradients…

Gradient were also challenging to use. I wanted to replicated the log in screen’s gradient halo effect and I couldn’t find how to replicate it. While I know that the effect also depends of the picture underneath the mask, I couldn’t find how to replicate the brightness that we can see on the right on the picture.


I love big letters and large fonts — they are funny to make

I thought I was using the right font and realized mid-way that I wasn’t. I didn’t change the font in my design because I was short on time and needed to finish the exercise. Next, I’ll be a good student and find the right font.

Now, the fun part!

is actually fun and a good training for paying better care to details. I enjoyed the fact of working with constraints as it forces one to be more disciplined.

I learned:

  • to look more carefully at a design and think more about organizing content before actually diving into the work;
  • Which tools and skills I need to work on and improve in priority (Hello alignment and color theory);
  • Using masks is a super important and very useful tool to master — I also need to work on this;
  • Copying is good practice to improve skills on Sketch and get inspiration from other designer.

Let me know what you think about my work and my post. I would love to hear any tips and advice you might have for better alignment and measurement, and better flow on Sketch. And any relevant ressource that helped you improve.

Thank you very much for tagging along with me!


See you at the next post… ok, I just wanted to show my spaceship! Who else loved making his/her spaceship? Share it on your post if you also enjoyed the experience and tell me!

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