Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp Prework — Exercise 4

The fourth exercise of Ironhack’s prework introduces students to : the assignment is to create wireframes of Spanish car-renting app Emov.

Wireframing is about representing the core information that every page or screen needs to feature — I have included above a photo of Richard Serra’s work: he does the same thing, on a whole other level.

Below are the screens students had to copy as well as my wireframes. I made a mobile-friendly version of this presentation at the end of the article.

My wireframes for Emov’s app.

While the exercise was pretty straightforward, I had one question while doing it:

What color should wireframes be designed with?

Ironhack provides student with a bunch of interesting ressources about each topic students are introduced to, and for this session, there were conflicting opinions about the best color to use to make wireframes:

Colors from an interesting article given in the syllabus
  • black ?
  • grey ?
  • other monochrome color?

I chose to use grey because I found that black was too overwhelming on the screens featuring the map.

I didn’t have any other difficulty to complete the exercice but I’m open to advice and criticism about how to improve my work.

Thank you and see you at exercise 5, where I animate these wireframes!


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