What is Meredith?

Meredith Corporation is a public, diversified media firm dedicated to delivering trustworthy content to audiences of scale that drive financial return for shareholders. The company focuses on magazine , television broadcasting, content licensing, and data/marketing services. As of 2018, Meredith is the largest magazine publisher in America and is recognized as the “pulse of pop culture, entertainment, food, fashion and lifestyle, news, business, finance, and sports.” Today, Meredith National Media Group reaches nearly 175 million unduplicated American consumers every month.

The Problem

Meredith currently owns and manages a diverse portfolio of 40 magazines, 50 websites, and 17 television stations that are split between two sectors: national and local media. After seeing just how many publications, companies, websites, and resources Meredith has, I wondered how their users received all of this content. If Meredith has overlapping audiences, then these readers would be individually subscribed to multiple websites, magazines etc. — making a user’s goal to receive and find the content they want very tedious. My goal for this was to discover and identify a way to simplify this distribution process that put users first.

Problem Statement:

How can Meredith create greater to its portfolio of brands for its audiences and adapt to continued challenges presented within the print publishing and magazine industry?

Source link https://uxdesign.cc/-accessibility-for-digital-publishing-a--case-study-8a4f9ddc204f?source=rss—-138adf9c44c—4


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