with is an inherent part of life these days. Sites like Facebook, Wikipedia or your bank’s website are more than products or tools – they create contexts that change the way we interact, think, understand, and behave. In many ways, they function like places.

Thinking about them like this gives designers of these information environments some conceptual tools to help them create products and services that better serve our needs.

In our next Ask the UXperts session we’re going to examine this idea with a guy that literally wrote the book on it. Introducing .

The Details

Meet Jorge Arango

Jorge ArangoJorge Arango is an information architect and strategic designer. He partners with product, design, and innovation leaders to create digital places that make people smarter. In addition to his consulting practice, Jorge also teacheswrites, and speaks at global design conferences.

Jorge is the author of Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places. You can find it on Rosenfeld Media or Amazon.

Some Questions to Inspire You

  1. Can software UIs create contexts that influence how our users think and act?
  2. If yes, do we have more responsibility as designers of these kinds of systems?
  3. Are there wider implications of our work that we might not consider?

How to Ask Your Questions

If you can’t make the live session but have questions, we’d love to collect them ahead of time and we’ll ask Jorge on your behalf. You can ask them in the comments below. We’ll publish the responses (along with the full transcript) in the days following the session.

How does Ask the UXperts work?

These sessions run for approximately an hour and best of all, they don’t cost a cent. We use a dedicated public Slack channel. That means that there is no audio or video, but a full transcript will be posted up on here in the days following the session.

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