Building a generator is surprisingly fun. I followed this tutorial and it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. Mine is called, “You can’t with Us” and is based on quotes from the movie Mean Girls.

Initially, I had some problems- I actually am still not sure what was going on. I wasn’t able to run my app in my terminal, even though everything was properly installed. I decided to try to set up the files again and it seemed to work.

When styling my page, I wanted to find a font that looked like the infamous Burn Book and found this ransom note generator, which was so fun to play with. I am not sure if it is set up in the same way as a lorem ipsum, but it was definitely cool to see how this concept transfers beyond lorem ipsum.

I started with a textured background that was hot pink, but it was really overwhelming. I really wanted to have each block of text generate onto an image of notebook paper, but I couldn’t figure it out. It is definitely something I plan to visit again when I have some time.

I also was trying to think of fun easter eggs and quirks to add with javascript or CSS animations. I wanted some lipstick marks to appear either as you clicked around or scrolled since they all kiss the book in the movie. I thought about turning the mouse into a pen or using some sort of writing style animation to make it look like the text was being written in the burn book. I found this code pen of glitter buttons, and it seemed fitting for the theme.

Again, I played around for hours but was somewhat unsuccessful. Like I said in class it has been one of those weeks and my brain just is not performing the way I want it to. I even got on the wrong bus this morning.

As we have been discussing, done is better than perfect. And I am still proud of this assignment- a few weeks ago I had no idea what node even was.

As a side note, I had way too much fun brainstorming for this activity. Here are some of my rejected lorem ipsum ideas- some of which I might still build.

  1. Lorem Skipsum: An excuse generator for those of us who like to stay home. This one would be a really fun app or iMessage extension to play with- inspired by my little brother telling me he couldn’t hang out a few weeks ago because he had to “rewind his VCR tapes and match his socks.” 😉
  2. Lorem Hitchsum: Wedding Vow Generator: It would be super fun to make something beautiful and elegant aesthetic wise and mix it with the ridiculousness of using an app to generate something as personal as wedding vows.
  3. A Song Generator: You mentioned considering lorem ipsum generators beyond text applications. I immediately thought of sound.
  4. A Braille Generator: Purley functional for me, but when I use Braille as a pattern in packaging design its annoying to have to translate a bunch of text, use an app and save it as individual vectors.

Here it is:

Repo link: I am having a really hard time with GitHub. I will try and figure things out in the morning or in class.

Also, I am really hoping to expand and perfect this project over the coming weeks.

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