Prioritising and Prototyping

Solutions to the problems

After coming up with our user personas, we proceeded with the re-designing of Slack mobile app. We came up with a list of scenarios of our user’s frustrations and how we would go about solving it.

Overarching Issue

Slack is actually a great app and already has solutions to problems that the users are facing but what went wrong was how the features were positioned. While Slack’s bubbly and bright UI made it stand out amongst other more corporate looking interfaces in the market, it was at the sacrificed of the usability of the app. Users are not using Slack to its fullest potential due to their lack of knowledge. The app not being intuitive enough has also shortchanged its capabilities.

Our Solution

  • To first identify and understand the needs of the users and ensure their basic needs are met.
  • Improve the User Interface (UI) to ensure key elements & functions are easily accessible within the app.
  • Lastly, educate users and encourage exposure on Slack mobile.

With our solutions, we came up with a list of features to improve on, based on the needs of our personas. In consideration with the tight timeline we had, we made use of the MoSCoW method and did a feature prioritisation.

The categories are understood as:

Must – Crital and cannot deliver on target date without this
Should Important but not vital
Could Wanted or desirable but less important
Won’t Won’t have it this time

With that, we proceeded with our Mid-Fi prototyping for our new Slack mobile app.

Mid-Fi prototype


We tested our prototype with 6 users. Though we gave them what they wanted (according to our findings from our affinity mapping), we later found out that users want to learn, but yet at the same time, don’t want to learn. They are not receptive to learn. They only want to learn through bite-size.

With that in mind, we made some iterations to our design.

Below are Left: Search bar is already catered to individual panels and there is no need for the first tier filter. It looks way to complicated. Hence for this iteration we decided to remove the modifiers.

Right: Added a tab for downloaded apps and instructions on how to use app plug-ins as users were lost after downloading the plug-ins.

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