Team Collaboration

We took this opportunity to try out some of the cool tools in the market to enhance our team collaboration. One important aspects of collaboration is team communication. Slack enables us to organise and keep our discussion according to channels or topics. It can be integrated with third-party plugins (one of my favourites is to-do) to further improve our productivity. Other than that, we use Whatsapp for urgent discussion but most of the time for water-cooling purpose. For group meeting or video call purpose, we choose Skype.

To keep track of our progress and outcome of discussion, we resort to the old fashion way which is using Google Sheet.

As for code collaboration and bug tracker, we use Bitbucket because it offers private repositories for free but limited amount (Special thanks to a colleague of mine).

Our favourite tools to do it : Slack, Whatsapp, Skype, Google Sheet, Bitbucket

Inspiration from other startups

I dedicate this special portion of the post to extend our sincere thank you to 2 startups that have shared with us their knowledge and experience. I guess that is the beauty of the world of startups, where everyone is generous and excited to share anything, hoping people continue to build great things! So thank you and kudos to Rovo and FirstSmile 👏. Strongly recommend to checkout their awesome apps 👍

I will dive into each of features and experience of building them 💪

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