Project Title: Facilitating Trade in an Online Marketplace

Organization Name: Marktplaats

Date: 6th September 2018

Marktplaats Redesigned Logotype — Feb 2016 — Source

Client information is the leading general classified ads site in the Netherlands for both used and new goods and services. It was acquired by eBay on November 10th, 2004.

In 2016, Marktplaats averaged in 2,100,000 unique visitors per day. It has established itself as the most direct marketplace for anyone to access the entire of The Netherlands.

With such a wide demographic, Marktplaats have kept their aims simple: “To help people find the best deal”.


Name: Jeroen Mulder

Email address: [email protected]

Project Objective

Marktplaats’ rapid growth came with it’s own challenges, as since it’s inception, they’ve been grappling with fraud among their user-base.

  1. In early/mid-2017, Marktplaats tackled the fraud-issue both through introduction of a built-in chat function and an iDEAL payments service option (direct payment through the platform). These additions removed some anonymity from the transactions taking place.
  2. Thus far, Marktplaats’ focus has been on connecting people.
  3. Historically, until the introduction of the chat-function, they removed themselves as facilitator at the stage where Buyer and Seller would finally interact and negotiate.
  4. At this essential stage, Marktplaats could connect themselves as facilitator of these interactions. This is an opportunity to strengthen trust in it’s users, educate new users and gather valuable data on successful trade.

Project Details

Target Audience:

  • Prospective Buyers in The Netherlands, searching to buy Second-hand Goods, for a great deal.
  • Prospective Buyers in The Netherlands, looking for a great deal on Brand New Goods or Services.
  • Sellers in The Netherlands, trying to sell goods that are no longer personally of any use to them.
  • Companies in The Netherlands, trying to reach the 8.2 million unique monthly visitors with targeted ads.

Specific Project Goals:

  • Design and deliver a reliable metric for tracking successful negotiations/sales.
  • Validate by comparing result to original “closed-ad ‘did you sell this on Marktplaats?’ prompt” data.
  • Does having the “connector” present during negotiation lead to a higher number of successful transactions?
  • Validate by comparing “number of posted ads” to “number of successful ended negotiations”. Compare data to prior “open/closed ads” within a certain range of data/sample group.
  • Design and deliver a system for educating new users of the use of the platform and stages of the process.
  • Validate by comparing “number of new users with completed transactions” and “time for new users until first completed transaction” to prior completion metric.

Current Design Problem:

At the buyer/seller interaction stage and throughout the negotiation process. Marktplaats is currently removed. Essentially, at this stage people leave the platform and complete the transaction outside of Marktplaats.

This is a hugely valid part of the process for Marktplaats to validate themselves as facilitator. At this stage, they could establish the most trust with the buyer. It’s a missed opportunity to change “users” of the platform into “members” of the community.

Additional information

Do you have existing brand guidelines?

  • Flat Geometric Design — Revised Brandmark
Marktplaats Revised Brandmark — Feb 2016 — Source
  • Simplified Single Line — Revised Iconography
Marktplaats Revised Iconography — Feb 2016 — Source
  • Bree Serif / Roboto — Revised Brand Typeface
Logotype: Bree Serif — Bold, Header1: Bree Serif — Regular, Header2: Bree Serif — Light, Body: Roboto — Regular
  • Brand Guidelines — Revised Colour Palette
Marktplaats Revised Identity — Feb 2016— Brand Guideline— Source

What sort of tone/feeling should we convey?

  • Low Cost/Bargain
  • Local, Familiar
  • Trusted Trade and Exchange; the feeling that Marktplaats is here to support you from beginning-to-end of your experience with our service.
  • Helpful and Approachable; the feeling a person receives from an in-store customer assistant, feeling able to ask for assistance from whoever, whenever.

Thanks for reading!

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