Process and Work


These “shelves” act as the topics in which users can sort their articles, much like how you’d place similar genre books near each other on a bookshelf. The way the bookmarking looks on the home page is heavily inspired by Airbnb. I felt that the clean and straightforward look of the Save to List modal window fit in quite well with ’s overall brand.

Airbnb lists → Medium shelves

Low fidelity mockups

Quick sketch of the Home and Bookmarks page, which now displays a bookcase instead of your list of bookmarked articles.

High fidelity mockups with Adobe XD

I recreated the Medium homepage to be more conscious of how my new would fit with the existing look and feel. The following pictures show the three groups of pages I made changes to for the new bookmarking function.

The diagram to the left shows the prototype flow, which I used a lot to ensure that all the functions of the new bookmarking feature would seem natural and intuitive to the user. Something I did forget to add, but would be great to have, is an option to share your shelf. Medium is an inherently social platform that allows anyone to write and share ideas, so I think it’s always a good idea to keeping thinking about the ways we can connect people with people.

Thanks for reading!

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