This is just too much.

I opened up the app yesterday, and encountered this notification at the bottom of the screen.

This is a new feature, as far as I can tell. It provides a reminder to continue reading whatever I was reading before. Even setting aside the fact that it recommended me my own article, it is a pretty lame feature. If I want to continue reading an article, I will either keep that article open in the app, or I’ll bookmark it, or I’ll e-mail it to myself to read on a better screen.

But even whatever minimal utility this new feature provides is not worth the opportunity cost. As my readers are well aware, Medium has a lot of crappy baked into their site and apps. To recap:

Instead of fixing a single one of these design problems, Medium chose to waste developer and designer resources on a dumb feature that nobody wanted.

In a previous article, I observed that Medium has an incompetent UX culture, meaning that they have low-skilled designers and developers who make that are not easily explained by inadequate resources, meddling managers, or dimwitted Agile processes. This latest episode, however, suggests that Medium has a bit of Adobe in them. Adobe are infamous for bloating their products with pointless gee-whiz-who-cares while neglecting the core experience, including longstanding UX deficiencies.

I wish I had a deeper lesson to offer you today, but I really just wrote this article to shame Medium for the colossal mismanagement of their platform. If a higher-up at the company reads this, know that your product managers are wasting their budgets on fluff while the product’s UX pisses off the content creators upon which they rely.

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