.com is delighted to welcome a new for our entire career platform. UsabilityHub will sponsor our unique job board and our career advice centre. Moreover, and for the first time ever, this sponsorship will enable UXswitch.com to allow approved employers and recruiters access our Candidate Database without charge. Previously, access was only possible through a monthly subscription.

UsabilityHub helps designers be confident in their design decisions by testing them with real people. UsabilityHub is truly a combination of the best online usability testing tools on the web, even providing a ready made audience to test those designs with.

Frank Gaine, co-founder of UXswitch commented:

“UsabilityHub knows that better user experiences means happier customers, more profitable businesses and ultimately, more successful designers. This latter outcome is particularly aligned our mission at UXswitch which is to help designers learn and move forward through their careers, with advice from industry experts and humanised job descriptions. We are delighted to have UsabilityHub on board.”

Tristan Gamilis, co-founder at UsabilityHub said:

“At UsabilityHub we’re dedicated to helping designers and UX practitioners heighten their skills and hone their designs. In partnering with UXswitch we’re excited to also be helping them further their careers with access to the Job Board and UX Career Advice Centre.”

UsabilityHub’s sponsorship means that jobs can continue to be posted UXswitch for free and our database of top designers can be accessed by top employers and recruiters without charge for the first time.

The Humanised Job Board can be found at www.UXswitch.com/jobs. It presents jobs for visual, interaction, motion, physical design, UX strategists, usability specialists & user researchers. The UX Career Advice Centre can be found at www.UXswitch.com/thinking. Together, UXswitch and UsabilityHub are planning a range of exciting activities over the coming months.

Find UsabilityHub on twitter @UsabilityHub and on the web https://usabilityhub.com/

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