I’m happy at for the past two , the distance between my place and the office was only 1,6km! I love my morning routine, it was wonderful with just 6 minute drive! 🐳 It’s the perfect duration for me to sing-a-long for one song in the car! 🤡

Boys and Girls, This is not a goodbye letter for Brilio, so I’m sorry I can’t include everyone in the office on this piece. This is a story about how my life changes after to . 🚀

In the first year, I’ve started as a Creative, working with Sales Team trying to provide the best creative proposal for the clients. It was my main job. So, it’s Ideas, Slides, Layouts, and Slides! It’s exciting to work on a creative thinking process with such short deadlines, believe me, the deadlines you’ve faced on the Advertising Agencies were nothing compare to this! Because of the difference in the industries I guess, the expectation of the quality was somehow different to the ones that I usually faced.

Later on in the next 7 months, we have this project to create a User Generated Content Platform for Brilio, oh my bad! I forgot to tell you about the company, Brilio is an online millennials publisher. They want to expand their audience and their traffic by creating an open platform for the audience to write content. It’s a good strategy! When this project started rolling, I joined forces to create the user interface at first, and the user experience, and the system mechanism and it goes on and on. I got help from our fellow Copywriter on this, but in the end, he stayed on the Creative side.

Mario! The Copy Guy! The one who makes coffee!

Strangely enough for me, it went well! We got lots of traffics and submissions on that project! Thank you, everyone, for the support! 👊🏻

This is our UGC event launch at The Brilio Editorial Office in Yogyakarta
This is our first UGC event at The Brilio HQ in Jakarta.

My CEO was very supportive and patient with me, I’m new at this and I think he’s also kinda new to Product, so we learned together, but mostly he just screamed at me when something went wrong, and surely I missed a LOT of deadlines. It’s the perfect way for me to learn. No bullshit, no drama! I love it! He’s a good guy though. He gave me lots of books about product, we had a million discussion. And he never stop believing in me. Thanks broh! But honestly, I don’t even know what the hell was he thinking and the management were thinking, I don’t have that much experience on user interface and user experience but he offered and promoted me to a Product Lead, to move and create a Product Division. It’s a good opportunity, so I said yes and started to work like a dog. I think Joe was just looking for someone to be tortured! And, big shout out to my CMO, Danny 📣 for the countless help and giving me a very smooth transition!

There he is! 🙌🏻✌🏻
That’s Joe, My CEO and, Ayas, Former VP of Marketing. Figure it out yourself which one whose is.

I started to work on everything that involves Product/Tech in Brilio. I’m the only person in that division, I was lonely. 💩 Yes! Long story short, we launched 4 products in 1 year. It was pretty good even though the quality was not what I hoped for. The Tech Team are in Malang, so it was hard for me to communicate with them and I feel like there’s a lot of differences in cultures and work ethics, that’s one of the things that I’ve been struggling with, but the squad is really kind and smart! It’s also tiring to go back and forth from Jakarta to Malang, fortunately, the Tech Team were delightfully welcomed there!

The Great Tech Team!

Plus, you have the reason to travel for free! ✈

After 5 months of working in loneliness and sadness, and as our Products goes bigger, my very best ex-colleague joined us as a Product Designer to help me fix the quality of the products, she’s always been the best Shaskia P Halia! and so on, more people joined the Product Division, a Community Manager who helped me thoroughly with the UGC’s 6,000 users community, a UI/UX Designer and, a Project Manager! Everything works perfectly now! It takes me almost 4 months to find the right candidates after the first one joined, it’s easy to find people, but it’s hard to find the right people.

I’m in a position to ship the best work that I can. I admit that’s a rather generic statement, and pretty much every company in the world tries (or claims) to do the same. So what does Brilio do that works so great for me? Brilio gave the experience for their employees to explore and create brilliant or stupid ideas. No politics, no bureaucracy, no hierarchy, whatsoever! As long as you can bring valid data to the table, and force the bosses to say yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

All my life, I’ve never even imagined, not even once to work on a Media Company. I had tried to avoid working at media company. The main reason I joined Brilio was just that my business went south and I didn’t have any penny left to pay the rent. I’ve lived in my office’s loft for a week, True story! ⚡

That is my office with my two awesome partners! I’ve literally lived there for a week!

And, Brilio’s office is near my place, and they offered a good position that I think that I can handle, so I joined Brilio. I didn’t even know what the hell is Brilio back then. But it turns out Brilio gave the uncanny and a challenging experience filled with the talented youngsters! It’s a great company for those who crave exploring and executing their new ideas. In fact, we launched a Fintech website, it’s called Fulus!

Now this, Brilio is the place where I discovered that I SUCKED at being an Art Director, that was my main passion and dream, also, it was the only reason that I went back to college, so folks! hear this!

Passions doesn’t always work its magic! It takes me almost 7 years to realize that. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, that shit is wrong homes! Know your talent and work your ass off out of it! You need to really open your eyes wide and understand what you’re capable and good at and suck it! 👻

So I’ve been working in Brilio for two years! I’ve been working for 8 years and worked on 10 companies before! 😂 There’s only one company before Brilio that I worked the longest for two years, it’s Playgroup Asia and Brilio was the second one! Yeah! Thank you to everyone in Brilio! Cheers for the boys and the girls! It’s been an honor to work with such great people in Brilio, colleagues that somehow become your good friends!

Sorry Aldio, I need to post this! 👍🏿 (He’s our Cool Guy Social Media Manager)

I’m moving to another Tech Start-up, It’s an Education App. I’m joining them as a Senior Product Manager. 🤞🏻 They’re still in Stealth Mode so I can’t say it here, I can but I won’t! I’ll write about it later. The distance from my place to their office is 9,5km. NOT COOL MAN! I hope I can manage with the traffic and the stupid vehicles roaming around. Despite the distance, what this company does is really interesting and I can learn so much more about Product. So it’s gonna be a new adventure for me. Now I can sing more than one song in the car!

Cheerio Brilio! 🍻🎉

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