Mike Creative Mints is the most popular designer on Dribbble and geek with a unique approach to design. His eye candy solutions for both web and mobile apps leave you speechless. He prefers to keep a low profile and doesn’t wish for his identity to be disclosed.

Hi . How did you start with design?

Some kids dream of traveling, some yearn to become an astronaut. But I’ve always known I’m going to do something creative and innovative, so here I am. I started with the commercial design at the age of 17, and at 35 can’t see the end anywhere near.

Creative Mints / Website

What design project that you worked on is your favorite?

It’s hard to pick, but I am especially proud of the pieces that take multiple skills to create, where technical perfection is as essential as conveying unique spirit and atmosphere. One example is my “Edge” deck of cards.

’’Edge’’ deck of cards

’’The biggest lesson I learned during this project is that less is more.’’

The biggest challenge was that it’s not just a set of illustrations but a deck of playing cards. The cards should look good from any view. The patterns should connect seamlessly, and elements should flow freely. It wasn’t easy to accomplish this at all.

’’Edge’’ deck of cards

To be perfectly honest, I’m so obsessed with my work that it’s hard for me to use conventional organization methods. Design and illustration take all of me, and I can work with enthusiasm all day (and sometimes all night) long.

What design tools you started with and what tools are you using right now?

I’ve collected quite a set of tools over the years! You can see a lot of those in my project shots don’t hide brands, thus paying respect to the products I genuinely care about. Speaking of these, I am a big fan of Fabriano, Сaran d’ache and Arches products.

At the same time, when people ask me about my favorite pencil or, say, which paper is better for sketching, I try to explain that in the end, these are just tools , a true master can sketch amazing concepts with a piece of coal. Apart from the pencils/pens/paper, I also have the following props in my studio: — I use 4x1080ti with water cooling for 3D.

The render speed is pretty important, so Octane remains to be my favorite application for visualization; — I often use Cintique 27hd by Wacom and hope that they will release something new soon; — a medium format photo camera and Canon 5D Mark 3 is what I prefer for photography. That’s about it.

What’s the one thing you wish you knew when started with design?

’’Simplicity is the key to everything.’’

The best projects of mine are the simplest and cleanest ones. And to tell you the truth, I’m still learning to do this.

Golden Ramen / Website Design

What problems do you face as designer when working with developers?

Failed deadlines — there are always some delays. Also, there are still too many restrictions that hinder creativity which can be a real bummer!

On one end I often have to deal with projects that take way too long because of the development issues (these are usually invisible to my eye which doesn’t help!). Another thing I’m often struggling with is a very strict set of rules given by developers right from the start of the project or changes suggested later on just because a design call is too hard/impossible to implement.

In our opinion, what’s the most important skill to develop for designer and why?

I think that would be the ability to suggest something new, think outside the box and look for improvements. However, designers often get too by new and all their work comes down to predefined solutions which are not questioned in the first place. This down your as a .

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Do you think self-promotion is important for designers?

Can’t say in today’s world that it isn’t, but I think it’s much more important to care about the quality of your work, search for your style and experiment.

What would be your dream client to work for?

Definitely Tesla! It’s a dream.

What do you think will be the next big thing in design?

I hate predictions but whatever the comes next — you know that I’ll be up for it!

Bitcoin / Altcoin mining

If they made a movie about your design work, what would it be called?

NOMAD! OK, I’m kidding 🙂 I think I would call it Fable.

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