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60 days later,  replied

It took about two months before I heard back from Apple. A recruiter reached out to me via email. Two things I want to mention here:

1. Your recruiter stays with you the whole time.

This is one of many factors that makes me look up to Apple. From the beginning to the end, the same recruiter stayed in touch via email with me and answered my questions in time. I did not get a single system-generated email.

2. Apple‘s recruiters are dedicated to specific roles and departments.

My recruiter works with applicants for design roles specifically. What this means is that your recruiter will at least know something about your industry and will first screen the applicants before their resumes reach the department they apply for.

“Then how do you stand out from other applicants?”

This is a question that I am often asked. I did not apply and do not know about other departments in Apple. I can only speak for the design roles. More precisely, I speak for myself since I do not have many around who have the same experience.

First and foremost, do the same as how you prepare for other companies — get an portfolio website and only put 3–4 of your best projects on it; since you are applying for positions, make sure to include your process in each project and make it easy to read.

Second, it would be even better if you could make your website look professional overall — organize your tabs and contents, get the layout right, etc. I do not have an article that targets this topic specifically but you can find some relevant content in this one.

Guess what, HR did not appear in the interviews at all

My recruiter requested my availability and scheduled a 30-minute (which turned out to be a phone screening) directly with the design manager. A design manager in Apple works with managers and leads the team.

Some questions that I was asked:

Why Apple?

For me, I did not need to prepare for this question. I knew my answer a long time ago when I first used Apple’s products. We apply for companies we love, so you will have your reasons.

Name of the book that you are reading recently?

The phone screening was mostly you and the interviewer getting to know each other so the questions weren’t always serious. I think you just need to be yourself and honestly answer this question. I stopped reading novels many years ago so the answer I gave was a book about the industry.

Talk about an App that you like.

People applying for UX roles usually have some Apps in their mind. But you need to spend some time prior to the interview preparing for a short and organized answer. You should be able to introduce the App, what it does, your experience using it, and explain why you like it.

The rest of the time was me talking about my background and experience and the interviewer introducing the team he leads.

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