From my discovery of in February until now, it’s been 6 months. Since graduation (two weeks ago), I have already had several interviews: 5 phone screens, 1 challenge, 2 second round interviews, and 1 offer!

It’s not easy switching careers, but I’m passionate about design and when you’re passionate about something it’s so much easier to put in the hard work to get to where you want to be. It is also important to note that I am very fortunate to have the resources to enroll in a bootcamp in the first place and go several months being unemployed.

A few days ago I accepted an offer for a three month internship with one of my favorite designers. This designer was also one of the first influencers I started following on Twitter when I began my into UX! I know there’s a long road ahead of me and am excited to learn and be challenged these next three months.

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